Wood-Zoo is a manufacturer of the top quality products for the animals such as: kennels, coop, shed for rabbits, feeders and many others.

We possess a wide range of products which always are distinguished by great quality, unique design and comfortable price. We invite for contact to familiarize with the rich offer.

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About us

Wood-zoo is a Polish company specializing in production of articles for animals such as: kennels, coop, shed for rabbits, feeders and many others. Due to long-term experience we are able to meet the needs of the most requiring clients and our products are characterised by unique design and very top quality in relation to the price.

We work on the top quality materials and the production process is complete and modern which allows us to realize the orders on a very large scale. For years we have been trying to make the patterns and appearance of our products to attract attention.

We know however perfectly that the appearance is not all as functionality and esthetics are equally important. Therefore the products of Wood-Zoo possess many unique solutions due to which the animals feel like at home.


Wood-Zoo has a broad range of products for animals. We mainly specialise however in the production of:


Mini - coop in the garden? Be my guest :)

Unique appearance will assure great supplementation of the green architecture, whereas modern solutions and functionalities of the highest standard of the comfort for the hens.

Shelters for rabbits

Rabbit = King :)

Therefore we need king standard. It will be assured by our modern shelters for rabbits.


A dog is our guard and the best friend

We do everything for friends? Our idea is to have a unique, comfortable and beautiful kennel from the Wood-Zoo offer.

Bird feeders

The best music in the garden

For our small musicians we also have something in the offer design and functional feeders which will be the perfect stage for the garden concerts both in summer and winter.

Production process

We work on the top quality materials, which possess all quality certificates (FSC), so that our products always fulfill required standards.

We possess modern and functional production lines which assure the highest standard and quality of our products. They are at the same time maximum safe for our employees.

Our products are the unique quality and functionality and modern design. They are designed with the top diligence for each detail.

The functionality of our products is our second name. We always try that they fulfill the purpose they were designed for.

Unique design solutions allow for easy and quick assembly of our products. legible and simple instructions will take us step by step through the whole process.

We deliver and pack in a professional way. We attach much attention to the proper packing and securing our products so that they always reach our Clients intact.


Let us stay in touch!

WOOD-ZOO, Trzemeśnia 647
32-425 Trzemeśnia, Poland
Tel: +48 609 581 391
Tel: +48 601 678 513 office@woodzoo.pl